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An Evening With... Code ComputerLove

An Evening With Code ComputerLove

Have you ever thought about how successful entrepreneurs become SO successful?

Well, we held an evening with the co-founders of Code ComputerLove, Louis Georgiou and Tony Foggett to find out how! Sandy Lindsay MBE, founder of The Juice Academy, gave a warm welcome to the event to introduce the guest speakers and why we started the 'An Evening With...' events.​ The event was created for The Juice Academy apprentices, who wanted an opportunity to ask all the nitty gritty questions to successful entrepreneurs, so that’s what we gave them! Louis and Tony were interviewed by two of our apprentices, Melissa Tolan from PrettyLittleThing and James Parrott from

Tony Foggett and Louis Georgiou founded the business in 1999. Since the start of Code ComputerLove, Tony and Louis have had a constant mindset of motivation and determination, which is how they have managed to be such a huge success. When forming their original business plan, their five year goal was to have 30 employees. They now have a rapidly growing team of professionals of nearly 100! Just last year, Code ComputerLove announced that they had been acquired by MediaCom and they’re currently bedding into their new home as part of one of the world’s largest marketing conglomerates.

Tony and Louis spoke about their exceptional journey into digital and how they have always had a strong belief that Code ComputerLove would be a success. One of their first big projects was the creation of the Dr Martens website which then went on to win numerous awards. At the start, they had to fit three months worth of work into three weeks, the latter week not leaving the office for three days and nights. They dealt with the competition whilst being a start up by doing work for well-known brands and then quickly managed to build up an extensive portfolio. They were hungry for the work!

One of Tony and Louis’ greatest success stories that they spoke about was their higher or lower app. The game was launched in 2015 and eventually caught the attention of one of the world’s biggest You Tube stars, PewDiePie. The app gained six million downloads across iOS and Android, 400 million plays in the first 12 months and PewDiePie’s video gained a massive 7 million views.

A massive success story all round.

Watch this space for details of our next event, which might be a breakfast meeting instead.

As always, massive thanks for our brilliant sponsors: RSM!

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