Convincing the parents that The Juice Academy was right for me...

One of the main reasons I chose to join The Juice Academy and not go to university to gain a degree was because of the costs involved.

University costs £9,000 a year just for accommodation and studies, let alone the costs of food and of course, drink!

The student loan system is in place but I know many students that fail to comply by the rules and their standard of living suffers.

Now I’m doing an apprenticeship, I am not only gaining valuable experience working day-to-day but I am also gaining a qualification AND earning. At the end of my apprenticeship I will be debt free and may also be offered a full time job, so I can continue my career in the working world.

When I put The Juice Academy idea towards my Mum and Dad they weren’t too keen at first – they wanted me to go to university.

But after I told them about what The Academy offers and what I get out of the programme, they quickly changed their minds.