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Grab the opportunity with both hands!

I could have been graduating this month from Birmingham University with a degree in Drama & Theatre Studies. Instead I have a full time job as PR & Communication Officer at the largest youth club in the UK whilst being part of the first EVER industry led social media course.

So do I regret quitting University?

In the last few months of college, when everyone was fighting for the best courses and best universities to do drama, I was one of them. I had audition after audition and I loved competing and fighting for what I thought I wanted to be my career. I was thrilled to be accepted into Birmingham Uni and I couldn’t wait to move away and begin the “student life”.

How wrong could I have been?

After only six weeks I knew it was not the right decision for me. I missed my family far more than I expected, I hated sitting in a classroom being lectured at and I really couldn’t understand or keep up with the work that everyone else seemed to love and find easy. I'm not one for quitting but I wanted to be happy.

After coming home, I walked straight back into my part time job which then became my full time job. I worked my way up over two years and really enjoyed the hands-on work as I got stuck in with community projects and events at the store.

After working with Bolton Lads and Girls Club as part of my community work I heard about a fantastic vacancy and applied for it in hope to build a career in PR & Communication.

I was successful! I began working for Bolton Lads and Girls Club in April 2013.

After a few months and easily settling in, I was told we were looking to recruit a social media apprentice who I would work alongside and would support me with social media communication for the club.

I was extremely excited but disappointed at the same time.

I really loved what I was already doing for the club but a part of me really wanted to learn the social media side of things too. I was learning so much and I didn’t want it to stop. With digital marketing and social media growing and growing, I wanted to grab the opportunity to learn all about it too.

Lucky me! As well as recruiting for a social media apprentice, I'm able to take part in the course alongside my work too! So we don’t just have one social media apprentice but two, as we piggy back and support each other across all forms of communications and marketing. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

And here I am being a sponge, taking everything I possibly can back with me to the club and beginning my social media career.

University really isn’t for everybody and it isn’t always the correct path to take.

Remember you must be happy in your job; it's something you will be doing nearly every day for the next 40-50 years. But there is only YOU that can make the decisions. It doesn’t fall down to luck; it’s determination and passion.

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