Ian Walker Networking Talk

Last week the Juice Academy was visited by Ian Walker, a Business Development coach from CPD Works, who had just returned from the Sahara desert.

The main purpose of Ian’s time at the academy was to help us develop our networking and people skills, not only in the office, but outside too.

Ian started his talk by telling us how, from a young age, all he ever wanted to do was to be a businessman in Dubai. Not only did he tell us why, he told us how he managed to do it.

One of the first words to come out of Ian’s mouth was ‘confidence’, as he believes confidence is the key to becoming a successful networker.

A rather humorous but true analogy he gave us was that you should be more like a duck, which made us all laugh. His reasoning for this was that when a duck is swimming across a pond its top half is very calm and confident whereas its bottom half, underneath the waterline, is flapping and working like mad to stay afloat and reach its destination no matter what.

To me, it