Google Dave visits The Juice Academy

Our last session at The Juice Academy was one we had all been looking forward to having heard a lot about PH Creative’s Google Dave.

Dave somehow managed to make the distinction between organic and paid search traffic clear and interesting, something that we have yet to come across in the jargon loving world of SEO.

He explained to us the importance of grasping the intent behind a keyword search before utilising it; those with the greatest intent to buy are the ones worth chasing after.

As social media apprentices we understood the concept of paid advertising in search engines but it was the grittier details behind these processes that Dave taught us.

For example, a paid ad should never lead to your homepage because the customer isn’t there to think - as aspiring digital professionals we need to do the thinking for them.

A key point from Google Dave’s talk delved into content, differentiating between ‘Old/Black Hat SEO’ and ‘White Hat SEO’.

As content creators we need to think holistically, after all Google is the most valuable high street, and unnatural content won’t get a brand anywhere