Why parents, photos and private messaging are the future for Facebook

Ten years ago had you heard of Facebook? Probably not - unless you were a Harvard student - and even then, you probably wouldn’t have been much of a fan.

So in ten years’ time will Facebook be the queen of the web (as it arguably is today)? Or will it be the laughable online equivalent of an old shell suit we thought was cool at the time, but now realise was an error of epic proportions (don’t pretend you didn’t have one)?

Facebook’s key premise is simple: personalised content hubs for the showing off generation.

Its problem: the showing off generation grew up, got married, had kids and then stuck a load of photos on Facebook.


Ergo, their parents joined to see the content. On the surface this was good news for Facebook, it got a ton of new users and had a great PR story. However, now EVERYONE’S on Facebook, it’s stopped being quite so cool. People can’t behave in the way they WANT to on Facebook because the wrong people might see it, case in point: