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A day in the life of... Laura Jackson, social media apprentice

At the end of January, I was selected by The Juice Academy to become a social media apprentice at Berg – a law firm in Manchester.

This week saw us have our first day back at the Academy after starting our new jobs and being in work for a fortnight. It was (I think I can speak for most of us!) nice to break up the working week and this was the perfect chance for us to soak up even more information to apply in our day-to-day roles.

It can be daunting to meet a whole new group of fellow learners, but the icebreakers at the Academy are great. We had to tell two truths and one lie, where we got to learn ALL about everyone’s embarrassing moments.

This included sharing mine – when my fish committed suicide by jumping out its bowl in the night. Obviously it was just too hard to live with me, how upsetting!

So back to our lessons for the day, we learnt about social media tools, measuring their success, SMART Goal setting (if you haven’t seen this, YouTube it, it’s FAB) and KPIs, or key performance indicators.

It’s all very interesting and things I hadn’t even considered in detail before have so much thought behind them, it’s crazy! I’d never really thought about why I followed specific brands and people on Twitter or Facebook, but doing this course makes you think about everything differently.

When I first applied for this apprenticeship, I thought ‘yeah, Twitter, Facebook, I can do that!’ but it’s a whole new ball game. Who knew there were so many long words and concepts behind social media?

That said, I’m loving every minute of it and I’m now even more convinced that social media and marketing will be a huge part of my future.

I’ve also started a personal blog to document my time with Berg, called Life In a Law Firm – check it out at

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