#NAW2014 - A day in the life of social media apprentice, Rebecca Parker

With so much stigma attached to the word ‘apprentice’, I wasn’t sure whether it was the right choice for me. I had gone through school and entered my first year of sixth form with the intention of going to university, but a two year period of having tonsillitis meant my grades dropped and getting to university would be an even bigger struggle.

I’m not one to be deterred by hard work, but this made me question the reason I was going to university – would I even enjoy it?

I came to the conclusion that university was not the right choice for me. I had no set career plan and didn’t want to waste at least £27,000 doing a three year course to gain an irrelevant qualification, leaving me in a similar position to the one I was already in.

I finished my A-levels, coming out with three good grades, and started looking at the National Apprenticeship Service. I found one course in particular that really got me interested: the UK’s first industry-led social media and digital marketing apprenticeship. Sounds good already, right? I applied for three of the companies that were hiring an apprentice at The Juice Academy’s ‘Bootcamp’ day and, thankfully, got the position at the company I wanted – Tangerine PR.