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Juice Academy guest speaker: Rachel Hardwick from Wilko

We’re just over four weeks into our apprenticeship, and what a whirlwind it’s been!

With International Women’s Day arriving, it seemed fitting that we had the lovely Rachel Hardwick from Wilko come and visit us in the Academy.

The Wilko social media team seem to have got everything down to a tee. We stole a couple of her top tips and enjoyed a few of her successful media campaigns, and then… it was over to us.

We were handed the task of coming up with a social media campaign for Wilko and we had just half an hour to do it! Also, Rachel would be reviewing and judging our ideas – no pressure!

So, we were off. Breaking off into groups and typing away like there was no tomorrow, we whipped together a presentation with as much detail as we possibly could, took deep breaths and presented.

Our team decided to go with Mother’s Day, as it was upcoming and relevant.

We were told the budget was endless so we had plenty of wiggle room. After about ten minutes of putting our creative minds to the test, we finally agreed on one. We decided we would do a ‘throwback’ or a ‘recreate your memory’ where mothers/daughters/sons would enter into a competition, submitting the best time of their lives that they’ve had together.

We would then choose five of the memories and let the public vote for their favourite one. Afterwards we would whittle it down to just the one winner, and we would actually recreate that memory for them. Whether it be an amazing holiday they celebrated together or even something as simple as spending quality time together and baking a cake – the whole point was to relive the memory of a special time between a mother and child.

Overall we were really pleased with our idea, and thought it would be really fun to go ahead with, but everyone collectively had really great ideas, as several brains are better than one!

Rachel seemed to really enjoy all of our concepts and she was extremely supportive throughout.

Overall I really enjoyed our session, and after questions galore, my final thing that I wanted to know was: “What would your top tip be for someone starting out in social media?”

Her reply was really helpful: “It isn’t about technical knowledge – you need to find who it is you need to support you. It’s very important to make relationships with those people, as you never know where it may take you in the future.”

On that note, what does the future hold for us? We’ll find out next week at our next session!

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