Juice Academy guest speaker: Rachel Hardwick from Wilko

We’re just over four weeks into our apprenticeship, and what a whirlwind it’s been!

With International Women’s Day arriving, it seemed fitting that we had the lovely Rachel Hardwick from Wilko come and visit us in the Academy.

The Wilko social media team seem to have got everything down to a tee. We stole a couple of her top tips and enjoyed a few of her successful media campaigns, and then… it was over to us.

We were handed the task of coming up with a social media campaign for Wilko and we had just half an hour to do it! Also, Rachel would be reviewing and judging our ideas – no pressure!

So, we were off. Breaking off into groups and typing away like there was no tomorrow, we whipped together a presentation with as much detail as we possibly could, took deep breaths and presented.

Our team decided to go with Mother’s Day, as it was upcoming and relevant.