From college to career – my apprenticeship journey

Like most people my age, when I first left school, I only ever thought of going to college, and eventually university.

My opinion swiftly changed when I found out about The Juice Academy and its unique style of learning while earning. It’s a great opportunity to get a step on the career ladder and gain significant skills which will not just help you through your journey as an apprentice, but through life too.

So here’s a little bit more about how I got my first job…

I left school with eight GCSEs before moving onto college to study for my A Levels. Everything was progressing as I thought it would, but as college life started to come to an end, I began to feel the style of learning and the way in which certain aspects of my courses were taught didn’t suit me after all.

All was not lost and there was another option for me – once I heard about The Juice Academy and the apprenticeships on offer, I definitely wanted in.

After applying to become part of The Academy and work with one of many professional organisations, I took the daunting step and told my parents.