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Learning from the best: A guest lecture with Sian Ediss

One of the things that makes The Juice Academy experience so special is the guest speakers who come in to teach us. These speakers are all at the top of their field, so when they come in it gives us a great opportunity to pick their brains.

The last session was led by Sian Ediss from Online Ventures Group, who came in to talk to us about everything social media. I was particularly looking forward to Sian’s session and I picked up lots of tips and tricks to take back to work with me.

Sian prepared a handy booklet which included plenty of social and digital tips to run through with us. It was a simple, yet effective activity that made the session really enjoyable.

As an ice breaker, we were asked to disclose our favourite social media channel and why. It was great to find out everyone’s favourite channels, and learn which ones they worked on, too.

The session took the form of a laid back group discussion, which really encouraged everyone to share their views and ideas.

I particularly enjoyed learning about infographics and how they are used on various different social media channels. I am currently designing infographics to use on various channels such as Facebook and Twitter, so it was great to hear an expert opinion about the impact they can make and how important that they can be.

Again, this is another one of the beauties of Juice Academy sessions. Taking away bits of information and skills to apply to the workplace is really important and beneficial, and I look forward to putting the skills I learnt from Sian’s session into practice in the workplace.

All in all, it was another enjoyable guest session at The Juice Academy, and I am really grateful to Sian for taking her time to teach us some valuable social media tips.

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