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Jump on the Apprentice-Ship

Many people have very old-fashioned views on apprenticeships, assuming they are only for practical and manual roles such as labourers or mechanics. However, that is not the case, as there are high quality apprenticeships available in all sorts of areas - we just need to make young people aware of them.

Young people can be apprehensive about choosing apprenticeships for many reasons. One major reason being the view that to be successful you have to go to university, regardless of how true this statement is. There is also the impression that apprentices are underpaid which could put youngsters off, however there are many apprenticeships paying good competitive salaries, with the possibility of a further increase and a permanent position if you impress.

Surprisingly, almost 50% of apprentices in Greater Manchester have been taken by people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and in the three years to 2013 there was a 26% drop in 16-18 year olds starting apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are a great way to commence a career; you get to understand working life and gain on the job experience, putting you in a great position for future job opportunities. James Farr, the director of skills and employment at New Economy said, “A good quality apprenticeship is a critical route into well-paying work and will be a better choice than going to university for some young people”.

Young people should consider apprenticeships as well as university and see which is the best fit for them personally. Choosing an apprenticeship depends on the individual, as people learn in different ways which is what drew me to an apprenticeship with The Juice Academy and Ionic Recruitment. I had a place at university but decided it would not suit me and an apprenticeship would be a much better fit. The quality of apprenticeships is improving constantly and in some cases is viewed on the same level as a degree; we just need to increase the awareness across youngsters so they know what is out there.

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