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Tips and tricks of social media for businesses

When it comes to social media, it’s not just for personal use – it is a clever marketing tool used by businesses worldwide.

As with all marketing platforms, there are lots of dos and don’ts to take into consideration. Here are some nuggets of knowledge that I have picked up along the way while working at Miller Metcalfe and studying with The Juice Academy:

Engagement – Using social media makes it easier and quicker for customers to get in touch with the business regarding its products and services, thus facilitating direct dialogue. Timely replies help to improve the perception of a company’s reliability, customer service and its overall brand

Money – You don’t have to spend a fortune to engage with your audience. Compared to other forms of marketing, social media marketing is very cost effective – free, in fact! This has obvious benefits for smaller companies wanting to reach new and current customers, making it a win-win situation

Insight – Analysing online conversations enables a company to learn more about its customer-base, which is vital for planning future campaigns and understanding how to present the brand and its products to them

Tone of voice – Social media allows a company to develop its tone of voice, creating an online personality. Consumers love to interact with brands such as Paddy Power because of its fun tone of voice. This therefore drives traffic to the website

Post carefully – When using social media, don’t just post anything that pops into your head. Posts should be well thought through, edited if appropriate and sense-checked by colleagues. Sending out the ‘wrong’ tweet can be detrimental to a company. You also need to appear to be online around the clock to respond to customers

Be patient – It takes time to build a brand that’s instantly recognised over social networking sites. But don’t underestimate its power – slow and steady wins the race

Be bold and original – Social media can be very demanding and it needs good talent to execute it effectively. For example, two posts a day equates to 730 posts a year. It’s important to make these posts original, bold and shareable. Customers could get annoyed if they see the same content repeated over and over online

These things can all be avoided if you hire a trained professional to take care of your social media. The way you deal with a bad situation can open a new opportunity for your business.

Like the sound of what you’ve just read? Why not get in touch with The Juice Academy to hire a social media apprentice like me?!

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