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Happy Birthday to the Founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey

On 19th November 1976 a boy called Jack Dorsey was born in St. Louis Missouri USA. A world without the ‘net’, social networking and ‘selfies’… Jack was just a normal boy that would grow up to change the face of the internet.

30 years later (with the help of Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass) Jack Dorsey, created the online giant Twitter. Whilst studying at NYU, Dorsey’s vision of an interactive social network was a hit, 7 years on becoming globally known.

Posted on 21st March 2006, Jack’s Twitter handle (@jack) hosts the first ever tweet: ‘just setting up my twttr’.

From this simple statement his status grew, leading to recognition from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) and consequently him being named number 31 in ’35 innovators under 35’ list - only 2 years after Twitter came into existence.

Having now stepped down as Twitter’s CEO Dorsey remains the Chairman of the company, in addition to his ongoing presence as the CEO of mobile payment company, Square Inc who have now signed a deal with Snapchat. Despite a worth of $2.3billion as of October 2014, Jack still remains out of the spotlight with only 2.71M followers. This may sound like a lot but isn’t a patch on Katy Perry considering he created the network!

Twitter revolutionized the way we use social media and the way we think about what messages we send out to the world, having only 140 characters to get our point across made us all rethink what we are saying, and carefully select our words.

Businesses can make the most out of Twitter, by targeting their selected audience and utilising the system of ‘hashtagging’ -- bringing up the brand’s message whenever someone searches for the #tagged word or enabling them to latch on to ‘trending’ terms which cannot easily be done on other systems. It also allows corporations and individuals alike to join in on conversations, making companies seem a lot more accessible than they would on other networks.

An amazing plethora of jobs have now been created in Social Media. I personally believe if it wasn’t for Mr. Dorsey, we wouldn’t have such incredible opportunities as Social Media Apprentices at The Juice Academy. Right now, YouTube is the most followed brand on Twitter with 46.6M followers.

With the average user spending 170 minutes a month on the network, the perfect platform has been created for brands to advertise and convey messages to an audience. A significant 63% of brands actually have multiple Twitter accounts, increasing the potential reach or targeting a specific demographic.

We all know Twitter is brilliant however it can have its downsides. There are numerous stories of arrests due to threatening tweets, people using social media to plan terror and companies purely getting it wrong. We are constantly getting told about the bad side of social media in the news and are rarely made aware of any good that comes from it. Well here’s an example for you… The Juice Academy.

This January, The Juice Academy is giving Social Media savvy individuals the chance to work for exciting companies such as One Marketing, Hotel Football and Silven Recruitment through their apprenticeship scheme.

Working for The E Word’s clients as a Social Media Apprentice has been the best thing I have ever done and I owe this to Jack Dorsey and his co-founders.

Happy birthday and thank you.


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