The Juice Academy: Been there, done that.

A year ago, I started this apprenticeship journey with West Midlands Fire Service and The Juice Academy by being carried across West Midlands Fire Service Headquarters' reception by a guy I had met probably about half an hour previously, while making fire engine noises. It might possibly have been the most embarrassing six seconds of my life.

And now, here we (being the other Cohort 3 apprentices) all are, about to carry ourselves into the weird and wonderful digital world.

We live in a society where young people are often harshly judged or assumed to be up to no good of some kind. If we make a mistake, we're often not given a second chance - instead we're thrown on to the scrap heap and that's it. There are a few who would go as far as to say that, as a generation, we are lost.

In an often corporate world, there are a few organisations who want to look past the stereotypes and help the people behind them. Anyone who knows me (or reads this blog) knows how passionate I am about The Prince's Trust, who are a great example. The Juice Academy is another.

I'm a true believer in appreciating those who have helped you and this has become part of my philosophy in life - sometimes, you have to give credit where it's due. The Juice Academy is doing more than it's part to get young people, not just into jobs but into careers where they can really make something of themselves and become whoever they want to be.

Taking a young person with no experience into your business is a risk. It's a huge risk, we can't deny that. But let's just