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Man of Many Talents, Mastering One

I have tried all sorts of qualifications. I’ve done GCSEs, A levels. I’ve even tried University; doing computer science. Also did a Barbering Apprenticeship for a little bit. The issue with all of them, was they didn’t keep me interested. I’ve also worked in several different sectors: I dabbled in Website Development, Graphic Design, Admin, Customer Services, SEO, and was a Chef for a short time. Again there isn’t too much diversity. When you break each one down there wasn’t much to keep me occupied. That is when I came across The Juice Academy. They offered a Social Media Apprenticeship. Now I’ve spent a long time on Social Media. I’ve seen MySpace and Bebo come and go. It’s been the one thing I’ve always participated in and not got bored of. So I thought this could possibly be one of the best opportunities I would get. With the right employer, and the right support I knew I’d be able to thrive. After I sent off one of the most interesting application forms I’ve ever filled in, I decided it was time to dedicate myself to the cause. I focused on tweeting more and interacting with people. I decided to start blogging, posting one blog every two to three days. It was great. I found my enjoyment in writing again. I got to tell stories I rarely tell people, and interact with people I’d never have had the chance to speak to otherwise. When it came round to the Boot Camp for The Juice Academy, I was incredibly nervous. There was around 40 people there, all applying for the same jobs. I was worried because normally I don’t particularly enjoy ice-breakers, and group tasks. However once we had been split off into our groups, I soon settled in and started enjoying myself. I thought it was great that they had put one employer with each group, it gave us a chance to find out more of what they wanted from their future apprentice, and they got to see what we were like. After all the tasks, and the speed dating interviews (incredibly fun – surprisingly!), we got to make some decisions about who we’d like to work for from those attending on the day. After the employers had received the top choices from the applicants some asked for second interviews. Admittedly I thought these were a bit more nerve wrecking, but mine was actually incredibly insightful.

Unfortunately I got sent home, being unsuccessful on this occasion. Thankfully the employer changed their mind and as I was walking back to the train station I got a call of Sandy, letting me know I’d gotten the job with Silven Recruitment. Embarrassing as it is, I squealed. Not a little squeal – a squeal large enough that my manager will still bring it up if I get excited about anything. So far with Silven, I’ve enjoyed my time massively. I do a wide range of things; writing blogs, finding interesting articles and facts to tweet. I get to interact with our audience on a daily basis and get sent on little projects to get good, first-hand pictures for our Instagram, discover interesting new social networks as they appear….Oh and there’s been a trip to Lisbon completely paid for by them! At The Juice Academy, the teaching style is diverse. It keeps me interested and I actually learn when I’m there - not just listen and pass the time. The material we learn covers a vast area of the digital and social media landscape. I’ve made some good friends on the course, and the tutors are supportive and funny. What more could you want from someone teaching you?

For anyone struggling to think of what they would like to do after GCSEs, or A Levels, I’d highly recommend the Juice Academy’s Social Media Apprenticeship. It’s been a great experience so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

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