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A Word From Brookfield Rose

Since joining The Juice Academy in May 2014, Gemma started at the Brookfield Rose group on an apprenticeship placement. Due to Gemma’s hard work and commitment, Brookfield Rose promoted her to a permanent Social Media Assistant role when she completed her qualification in May 2015.

On her pathway from apprentice to assistant, Gemma noted that; “The Juice Academy has helped me to develop my skills in social media and marketing, as well as other business essentials. The Juice Academy is a great way for young people to get their foot in the door and start a great career by gaining hands on experience without having to go to university.”

“I love working at Brookfield Rose and The Juice Academy really helped me to achieve my goal of a career in social media. I feel like I’m gaining more experience every day and I can’t thank The Juice Academy enough for their support”.

Her work, contribution and progression within Brookfield Rose has meant the feeling is mutual. Head of Content, Emma Allison said; “Since Gemma joined the Brookfield Rose marketing department, she has been an asset to the group. A hardworking, knowledgeable member of the team, Gemma’s combined skills and enthusiasm is evident in all of her work.”

We thank Brookfield Rose for being part of the academy's success, and congratulate Gemma on her's.

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