The Trials and Tribulations of Social Media

Being part of the generation that grew up alongside social media I thought I knew all I needed to know about it. After all I was basically born with the knowledge to tweet and share pictures, right? But after joining a career in social media and digital marketing I was shocked to find this wasn’t true. “There’s more to Facebook than funny photos of dogs and videos of people falling over!?” I was shocked.

When taking on the (very scary) role of handling Gym Cube’s social channels I felt like I had to tread carefully. Am I going to offend our followers? Is a photo with mild swearing ok? I must have spell checked my tweets ten times, at least. As my boss said, ‘Treat the social media as if it’s your baby’ and I truly felt like a new mother and honestly, I’ve never handled children very well…

Anyway, I started to dig deeper into the sides of Facebook and Twitter I had never experimented with before. I did know how to use analytics but I didn’t really need to use it to monitor the success of my selfie filled Facebook page. When using analytics I started to see the numbers rising and falling which made my stomach feel fluttery and it allowed me to see what content was popular and what I should avoid. Apparently cats doing yoga pull in more likes than a shared blog post about why you should eat kale… Am I shocked? Not at all. But I was starting to get the hang of things and it felt really good. For all these people knew, I was just a person behind the screen, but for me it was a lot more than that; I was actually doing well in a career that I love. Customers started to ask me questions and being able to give them the answers felt great. Although, sometimes I did have to check with the personal trainers because what do I really know about yoga? 1. Cats look cute doing yoga, 2. Nothing else. But anyway, helping people felt amazing. But not all feedback was positive.

Sometimes I received angry messages from customers struggling with our products, some people just didn’t like my posts and their comments made that extremely clear - which after spending weeks on end creating content and scheduling, left me disheartened. I wanted everyone to love my posts and I wanted to be able to help everyone; what was I doing wrong? I couldn’t please everyone after all but I certainly tried my best. Two bad comment