From Textbooks to Prospects

Unfortunately, at my school, students were only really told about two post high-school options – University or a “hands on” apprenticeship. I feel like this is always the case – based on conversations I have had with friends. Whilst in school, the apprenticeships offered to students were limited to either electrician, engineering or plumbing; whilst these are great jobs, they simply weren’t what I wanted to do in the long run. And because I wasn’t told that, in fact, there are a plethora of different apprenticeships out there – I felt pressured into applying for University.

If Uni was free, I’d do it. Everyone always says how great their time was there and I guess it can be seen as the last years of freedom before the world of work. But, to be honest, I just wasn’t as drawn to it like my friends. I was desperate to start working, to make money rather than get in debt; and most importantly, to get my foot in the door of digital marketing.

But, once again, I was shown no alternative than going through University to do this; so I wrote my personal statement and sent my UCAS form off to Birmingham, Sheffield, Northumbria, Cardiff and DeMont Ford. However, it was after I spent £25 on my application that I found out about The Juice Academy.

My good friend Amy Sadler is really the person I need to thank for this; when she found out that I wasn’t 100% on Uni, she immediately talked to her boss and helped show me that I can get to where I want through hard work and experience, not only University. She researched and sent me links to various different companies in Manchester, and found different courses I could take in communications and marketing whilst having a job, so I was qualified to later take on a role in that area of work. One of the many companies Amy introduced me too was Tangerine PR. They are a huge communications company based in Manchester and they are also the founders of The Juice Academy.

So after going on their website, I noticed a link to said “Juice