Twitter Marketing Made Easy: My Top 10 Tips

Twitter is one of the most successful tools out there to promote, connect and brand a business. It offers the perfect platform for up-to-date information, stimulating a sense of communication and interaction between a business and its audience. However, utilising Twitter’s marketing potential can be tricky. So, with this in mind I've developed a list of tips to remember when using Twitter from a marketing perspective:

1. Short is sweet Keep your characters down to a minimum. Research has shown that Twitter users engage better with shorter messages so between 70 and 100 characters is best.

2. Check and check again It's important that you check over your tweets before they go live to avoid any embarrassing mistakes. If you're not one-hundred percent confident in your proofing abilities, ask somebody else to check them for you. Remember: tweets cannot be edited, once they’ve been shared.

3. Get creative when crafting content Research from Mashable has shown that tweets containing pictures receive up to 35% more retweets than text-only tweets. Free imaging software, such as Canva, has made it easier to produce your own copyright-friendly visuals.