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The Snapchat Phenomenon

It’s no secret that over the last 12 months, Snapchat has won the attention of the social media generation. But my question is, why and how?

Gone in a Snap.

The fundamental concept of Snapchat is that it is momentary, aka the teenager’s dream. Not having to worry that something we post online will be left with last week’s trends means we have the freedom to share what we’d like, and more importantly with who we’d like.

Every Day is a new day.

As Snapchat ‘Stories’ only last 24 hours, users have a fresh start on their account every day. This stops people being afraid of ‘over posting’ which you get sometimes with Instagram and other social media platforms. You never want to be that person clogging up everyone’s timeline. Never.

Shut out the oldies.

Sorry mum and dad, but Snapchat isn’t for you. Facebook is becoming increasingly popular with the older generation, which for teenagers is slightly annoying. As social media is a hub to express ourselves, sometimes knowing that our parents might have access to this is hindering our creativity. Therefore, we’ve jumped ship and made Snapchat our own.

Constant innovation.

The superheroes behind Snapchat are great at knowing what their users want. From dog ear filters to Kylie Jenner’s own personal birthday filter, Snapchat is always providing its users with something new and current.

All in all, Snapchat is ultimately winning at the social media game.

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