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Maintaining Coherent Themes on Social Media

Social Media Apprentice | The Juice Academy | Blog

Nowadays everyone seems to have some sort of presence on Social Media, however some are stronger than others. The key to this is maintaining constant themes across your social platforms.

Consistency is Key:

Some of the most recognised social stars have cohesive themes throughout their online profiles, helping to link all of their posts together and set a tone of voice for their feed (this particularly applies to Twitter).

With reference to a previous post written by YouTube beauty guru @Marianna_Hewitt on her blog, ‘lifewithme’, she says: ‘Think about the photo before you take it, give yourself style rules, find a filter that you love and plan your feed’. This confirms that social stars use consistent themes on their channels to help boost their popularity and credibility as a successful Instagrammer, Tweeter etc.

Personally, I love the Instagram feed of @Illamasqua as the brand uses consistent themes; however it does change them depending on the season or range of products being promoted. All of the posts relate to make-up and Illamasqua uses a consistent frame for EVERY SINGLE post. This allows the company to be distinguishable and recognisable from competitors.

Ultimately consistency leads to a better social feed, which leads to more followers, which everyone (generally) LOVES!I’ve listed some of my, personal, favourite social stars below:@Illamasqua, @funforlouis, @tashietinks & @inthefrow

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