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How to make the most of your apprenticeship

I’ve created this blog to inform you on how to make the most out of your apprenticeship. How? By doing the little things that make a BIG impact. Get ready to take some notes, as the points listed below may come in handy. This is how to make the most of your Social Media apprenticeship with The Juice Academy.

Background research

Background research is essential to fully understand any apprenticeship. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover?’ This applies here; Social Media is not as simple as it looks on the outside. A career in Social Media doesn’t just consist of posting photos of your night out or telling the world how you feel about McDonald's and their chicken strips. It is collecting data, making sure that campaigns are running smoothly and most importantly, you’re creating the best online exposure for a business. Not forgetting that it’s also about enjoying the fact that you are a part of a fabulous team working hard to meet business objectives.

Be confident, positive and take on what’s launched at you!

Confidence and positivity will impact massively on your motivation and enthusiasm to learn new things and thrive in your new workplace. Your colleagues will notice this and also become more positive and confident. However, the same contagious effect happens if you are portraying negative emotions in the team. Even if you don’t feel particularly positive, smile and pretend!Take your time in your workplace to become a master of something, e.g. Master of Excel, or Master of scheduling tweets or Master of uploading content. In other words, take on what’s being thrown at you rather than shy away from it. I have found that by doing this, my confidence has been boosted majorly and I am less afraid to take on projects that I feel are out of my comfort zone.

Share your ideas and listen to your colleagues

Here is a scenario: you walk into the conference room with your colleagues, ready to discuss some ideas for a project that has been taking place for a few months. You decide to throw an idea out onto the table. However, this time it’s not the one that the team is looking for. No idea is a bad idea, however in some situations your ideas won’t be best suited for the project. Don’t let this put you off and continue to put your thoughts forward. Your employer is for looking people who are confident in what they are saying and they’ll love the fact that you’re not afraid to share your ideas with the group. So, give it a go and if an idea gets turned down, it doesn’t matter, just try again next time. LISTENING to your colleagues is a huge part of making the most of your apprenticeship. When a colleague is listened too, respect and professional relationships will grow. I find this important because if everybody in a business is dismissed and ignored, nothing would!

Patience is the key to success

An apprenticeship is brand new to you and a lot of what’s being thrown at you are things you won’t have done before. The phrase, ‘Patience is a virtue’ plays a vital role in making the most out of your apprenticeship. The more patience you have the better you will do in your job, as you will learn to stay calm and work through things at a manageable pace.

Want to turn your social media addiction into a career? Apply to become a social media apprenticeship here.

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