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My Digital Marketing Journey with Victoria Warehouse

How does one market a warehouse?

From what was once used as a commercial storage building for cotton, and by big household names such as Kellogg’s and Cadburys - to a fantastic venue that is now known as Victoria Warehouse.

So how do you market the bricks and space that is a warehouse as a go-to venue, to events professionals in a whole range of sectors?

Prior to attending The Juice Academy's recruitment day, #TJABootCamp, I’d been seriously considering going back to university to study a Marketing degree, so, as you can imagine - I was absolutely over the moon when I was invited to join the Victoria Warehouse team as a digital marketing apprentice. I'd previously worked as a project coordinator and roles as such, so working for an events company was something familiar, yet exciting, and I was super excited to learn more about the digital marketing sector.

This brings me back to my original question - something that I thought long and hard about during my first week as an apprentice. How does one market a warehouse?

Well, the answer is simple.

All I have to do is showcase this breathtaking events space to the digital world and voila! It's quirky features and stand-out character is what makes Victoria Warehouse a venue of choice. Despite being more commonly known for hosting concerts, Victoria Warehouse has worked with a roster of high profile brands such as Adidas, Audi, BBC, BMW, Facebook, Porsche, L’Oréal, Netflix and more! The way in which each individual space is used - from our vast range of corporate clients to the diversity of our working members - is astounding. This makes Victoria Warehouse what it is today!

In it's definition of the term 'marketing' Google uses the word ‘action.'

My advice to anyone starting out in digital marketing is to be contantly aware of the shift in trends and be reactive (not forgetting creativity... sprinkle some of that too!) No matter your industry, sector or business type, you'll need to adapt and change to it’s environment. No matter which path you wish to take in life, you must have the ability adapt and diversify (excuse the life quote!)

The ‘digital’ sector would cease to exist if it weren't for the change in the way we use the internet and the action taken by businesses to adapt to such change. As a training digital marketer, I probably wouldn't be writing this today!

Take a look at what we do here at Victoria Warehouse:

We Are What You Make Us.

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