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Welcome Cohort 22!

The final Boot Camp of 2018 this October topped off what has been a fantastic year for The Juice Academy - 13 candidates impressed companies such as Social Chain, Tangerine, Mustard Media, Apadmi and Jigtalk - bagging themselves an opportunity to begin an exciting career in digital marketing. After a day of interactive activities, speed dating style interviews and tough decisions, The Juice Academy is delighted to welcome our 22nd Cohort!

James Goodwin - Tangerine

Describe yourself with an emoji...

Because I am headstrong and confident, but have a real passion for writing, creating content and I will always a put all of my effort into anything I put my mind to.

James Carmyllie - Gunnercooke

Describe yourself in a tweet...

"Car nut, loves cricket and sarcastic would be an understatement, but overall just enjoys the company of others."

Sherief El-Shazly - Mustard Media

Describe yourself with an emoji...

I would say I'm a easy going guy, who has a positive mindset. I like to keep things chill but I am also one to rely on. Positive vibes all round.

Megan Hannan - Big Cloud

Describe yourself in a tweet...

"I'm a music buff, total perfectionist, passionate and some people say I'm bubbly - maybe that's why I'm known as Prosecco Queen!"

Laura Lightfoot - Apadmi

Describe yourself with an emoji...

I am strong and determined to reach goals much like the iconic design of a rocket. The window reflects my open-mindedness and outward looking approach. The level of accuracy, detail and planning required to launch a rocket reflects my determination and ability to perform under pressure. I strive for the best and deliver quality in the same way a rocket manages to sustain enough power to launch into the air.

Megan Martin - Social Chain

Describe yourself in a tweet...

"A girl you find either cuddling her cat, eating pizza or with a gin and lemonade in her hand."

Jade Jones - The Juice Academy

Describe yourself with an emoji...

This represents strength. Physical strength is important to me, I spend a lot of time in the gym. I believe that being fit not only helps you physically but just as much mentally. I am able to set goals, reach targets and feel proud and successful is an amazing feeling. Being so passionate about exercise is a great hobby for me and also helps with my time-management fitting it in with college and my part-time job.

Jamie Bryan - Z-Arts

Describe yourself in a tweet...

"A relatively small man with a slight* addiction to coffee. (* and by slight I mean excessive)"

Maisie Price - ActiveWin

Describe yourself with an emoji...

The dancing man emoji, this is because he is actually doing a recognised dance move popular during the disco era of the 70s. I feel this describes me well because although I do like to have fun and recognise that this is important, it is also important to have structure and some sort of routine in your daily life.

Charlotte Porter - JigTalk

Describe yourself in a tweet...

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you've participated in the random magical meaninglessness of the universe."

Humaira Khan - Tangerine

Describe yourself with an emoji...

I am very relaxed and tend to go with the flow. I like to just get on with doing my own things and always work independently hard to get things done right and on time. I'm easy to work with and communicate with, always remaining calm. So I would say my easygoing and laid back attitude keeps me grounded!"

Sam Cottrell - Cloud Facilities Management

Describe yourself in a tweet...

"Happy and fun loving but also a hard working and dedicated individual that has a great attitude to learning and growing as a person."

Holly Lindon - The Landing

Describe yourself with an emoji...

This emoji best describes because I'm just a bit of a nerd

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