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Meet Cohort 25

We are super excited to welcome you to our 25th Cohort! Our August Boot Camp was a huge success with a turnout of 44 strong candidates! The room of enthusiastic candidates impressed employers from across the North West including: Manchester Airport, Arighi Bianchi and People’s History Museum. After an intense and exciting day, we created 16 jobs.

We would like to welcome you to Cohort 25!

Ben Leith - Checkd Media

Describe yourself in a tweet…

Football enthusiast who is passionate about media.

Elissa Duffy - Gravitas

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🦎 The chameleon (or lizard) emoji is the one that describes my personality the best because I am very personable. I have a strong ability to change and adapt my behaviour depending on the appropriate linguistic register of my audience, just like the chameleon changes its colours.

Daniella Duxbury - Commando Joe’s

Describe yourself in a tweet…

I'm a strong, smiley, driven person. I'm a thoughtful, ambitious and optimistic, I enjoy working hard because the results always show from it.This perfectly describes me, tough but fair.

Ruby Bretherton - Cunning Plan

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🙋🏼‍♀️ This emoji best describes my personality, because I'm friendly. I am one to always say ‘Hi how are you’? I am approachable, a good listener and I feel I understand people and make friends very easily. My attitude is always positive, and I have a willingness whatever the situation. The raised arm also shows me constantly reaching higher above the rest, this matches my confidence to ask questions, so I fully understand and engage in conversation.

Fred Burrow - Pixel Kicks

Describe yourself in a tweet…

I'm hard working and quick to learn. I've seen enough of the world to know what I want from it. I love to laugh and have a good time.

Shannen Davies - BW Marketing

Describe yourself with an emoji…

😋 I would say the smiling emoji with the tongue out best describes me. This really highlights my weird and wonderful side but also how I try to be as outgoing as possible without taking life too seriously. This emoji is what people would describe me as when they get to know me for my kind-hearted spirit and trying to make the best out of the bad situations in life.

Alexandra Flanagan - Arighi Bianchi

Describe yourself in a tweet…

I am an optimistic and out-going person. I love to see live music and spend time with my friends and family. I really enjoy photography and I am most excited to turn 18 to gain extra freedom and to move forward in my life!

Describe yourself with an emoji…

😂 The crying, whilst laughing emoji probably best describes my personality as I'm a very extroverted person who enjoys laughing along with others and just generally enjoying the day.

Matthew Anderson - Hidden Retreats

Describe yourself in a tweet…

I am an extremely extroverted person, I'd like to think I'm easy to get along with because I have a genuine passion for people, learning who they are and what their passions are. I ALWAYS need a creative project to take up my time. Producing this type of content brings me pure joy.

Alex Turner - SocialTap

Describe yourself in a tweet…

Musical, passionate, dedicated, fun loving!

Danny Halsall - Manchester Airport

Describe yourself with an emoji...

🥂 The champagne emoji best describes me because you've got to work hard and play harder! I tend to go 300 miles per hour with any project but this also requires time off for a pit stop!

Lauren Nellany - Personnel Checks

Describe yourself with an emoji...

🍃 The emoji that best describes me is the leaves. I love the outdoors, I am constantly outside enjoying fresh air and I love going on long walks.

Claire McDivitt - Lazerian

Describe yourself in a tweet…

Creative Manchester gal who doesn't take herself too seriously! Proud mum of two who loves reading, travel, yoga and spending time with her friends and family.

Rebecca James - Tangent Design

Describe yourself in a tweet…


Absolutely no-one:

Me: “Hold on one second...” *takes pictures of everything*

Ben Turton - The Pilot Group

Describe yourself with an emoji…

🤩 I believe the stars in the eyes emoji best describes my personality. This is because I constantly have a mindset of achieving something amazing and doing the best I can by working hard. All whilst having a large smile on my face.

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