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5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Apprenticeship

At first, the transition from attending college and having a part-time job to a full-time apprenticeship was quite daunting, however I have to say it was a lot better than expected! I am fully enjoying my apprenticeship with The Juice Academy whilst working at professional Rugby League club Swinton Lions and I feel like my social media skills as well as general life skills have improved massively. Gaining the most out of this year in education is vital, so here are my top 5 tips to get the most out of your apprenticeship:

1. Manage Your Time

Throughout your apprenticeship you will be required to complete tasks to get ready for the EPA (end point assessment) as well as any work that you have to do for the workplace. At times this can be quite hectic with different deadlines for each, so managing your time is a must. I would recommend buying a small notepad or using a digital one and updating it with what college tasks you have to do and the deadline, the work you have to do for the workplace and its deadline as well as any meetings you have coming up. This will reduce your stress and ensure you are up to date with everything – which will leave a great impression to your employers and tutors!

2. Speak to People and Make Contacts

Speaking to a range of different people who have different skills and professions will be great to learn new tips as well as having people to look to if you need any help. Throughout my apprenticeship there has been a few times where I have been stuck with a certain task and there is always somebody who knows the answer, whether that is a work colleague, fellow apprentice, or college tutor, so reach out for help! Exchanging information with different people will help you find out more about a certain topic as well as increasing your skills at teaching other people about a topic you excel in.

3. Say YES!

Throughout your apprenticeship there will be many opportunities to attend trips, meet other apprentices and help other companies make content, so my advice would be to say yes! Doing this will ensure you experience different activities and can be great for your personal CV as well as your portfolio which is very important for your EPA. Completing a range of different tasks will also show your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you have time to work on your weaknesses.

4. Be Interested over Interesting

The quote “be interested over interesting” is something that has stuck in my head since it was said to me at the start of my apprenticeship. This means that being interested in the information somebody is giving to you and taking notes and asking questions will have the most benefit and make you stand out above others.

5. Enjoy the Learning Year

Last but definitely not least, my final tip in getting the most out of your apprenticeship would be to enjoy the year of learning. I understand that it will be stressful, and the all-important EPA will be in your mind for most of it, however your first year is to get to know the role, learn new skills and meet more people – all of which is great for life experience. I know for a fact that I will miss The Juice Academy sessions next year as it is great to learn with apprentices my age and be free to ask questions about anything related to social media, gaining the best possible answers. Also, the sessions are a great way of taking a break from work once every 2 weeks and focusing on something else.

Sam Everall, Cohort 28, Swinton Lions


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