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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2023: Skills for Life!

As soon as a new year starts, we are reminded that we are a step closer to reaching National Apprenticeship Week. During the weeks leading up to NAW2023, there’s lots of planning, creating and repurposing of content to make sure our social feeds are being pumped with exciting posts and alongside organising to attend plenty of eventsat schools/colleges to help spread awareness of apprenticeships and the opportunities we have at The Juice Academy.

Last week, from February 6th to 12th, we joined schools, colleges, apprenticeship providers, employers, apprentices, and more in celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. If you missed all the excitement, here’s a quick rundown of what we got up to:

Monday: The Launch of The Juice With all the Bits Podcast

To kick off the week, we released a brand-new project we’ve been working on: The Juice With all the Bits Podcast. In our second episode, we focused on the theme ‘Skills for Life’. Megan, our Digital Marketing Executive, and Daniel, a Content Creator Apprentice at Standby Productions, spoke to graduates Emma Green from Peel L&P and Ayra Asif from Lightbulb Media about their apprenticeship and career journeys.

Check it out here:

Tuesday: Employer Day at the Manchester Digital Skills Fest

On Tuesday, we headed to the Manchester Digital Skills Fest to talk to people interested in starting their careers in the digital industry. We spoke about the Content Creator Level 3 qualification we offer at The Juice Academy and the benefits of apprenticeships.

As it was Employer Day for National Apprenticeship Week, we also shared a range of testimonials and reviews written by our apprentices and graduates. Who best to tell you about us than those that have got first-hand experience of doing the apprenticeship programme.

Wednesday: Apprentice Day at Copley Academy

On Wednesday, we visited Copley Academy to deliver an assembly to year 9 students about digital marketing, apprenticeships, and The Juice Academy. We were joined by two current apprentices, Ollie Goodwin and Talia Faverzani, who shared their personal journeys and the skills they’ve gained through their apprenticeships. After the assembly, we had a stall during breaktime where we chatted with students from different year groups about working in the digital industry.

It was made extra special as both Ollie and Talia had attended this school so it was amazing to see them return and talk to the students about the career path that they took to get to where they are now.

Wednesday’s theme focused on ‘Apprentices’ so it was really fitting that we had current apprentices joining us for the school talk. We also shared lots of content throughout the day that highlighted our current apprentices, such as quotes about their apprenticeship experience and ‘Day in the life’ style TikTok/Instagram Reel vids.

Thursday - Job Fairs and Celebrations

Thursday was a packed day! We went to Mosley Street Job Centre to chat to people about entering a career in the digital industry through doing an apprenticeship, it was a really successful trip and many people showed an interest. At the same time, we held a celebration day for our newest cohort to start the programme, Cohort 38.

After a rigorous application process and interview stage, it was fantastic to see the successful apprentices all together in the same room (and it was great to have this day during National Apprenticeship Week, it’s almost as if we planned it…)

In the afternoon they spent time in groups designing a logo for their cohort, we were so impressed with their design skills and can’t wait to see them progress throughout their apprenticeship. Keep an eye out for the winning logo design on our socials soon.

Friday: Celebration Day for Graduates

On Friday, the last day of National Apprenticeship Week, we celebrated our graduates from The Juice Academy in 2022. We also continued to bust myths about apprenticeships and show how they provide crucial skills for life.

We want to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in National Apprenticeship Week and helped spread the word about the amazing benefits of apprenticeships. Let’s see what 2023 has In store for apprenticeships far and wide!


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