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Cheap City Breaks In Europe

Looking for a cheap break-away? Here are my personal top 3 recommendations for beautiful affordable city breaks, a cheap student getaway or maybe just a long weekend break.

1.Krakow, Poland

Beautiful architecture, and the perfect location for foodies on a budget.

Krakow is known for being a unique stay for young adults, ranging from tourist attractions to cheap late-night bars and affordable restaurants. It has become an ideal hotspot for a short city break. The Wawel Castle is only a 20-minute walk away from the City Centre, the beautiful must-see Wieliczka Salt Mine is easily accessible, and the Jewish quarter is a brilliant historical area bursting with creativity.

An average meal works out at around £5 per person, while a trip out for drinks can cost you as little as £1 per pint.

2. Budapest, Hungary

A lively, fun and beautiful city.

Budapest is one of the most popular short city-breaks if you’re looking to unwind and get away from daily life. Budapest is bursting stunning architecture, filled with excellent thermal pools and beautiful spas along with amazing nightlife. Budapest is brilliant during the summer, while it also transforms into a winter wonderland during Christmas.

The Szechenyi Medicinal Baths are the largest of its kind in Europe, with 20 pools housed in its complex. It’s a life-changing spa experience with an amazing chance to unwind and discover something unique. The Fisher Man’s Bastion built between 1895 and 1902 has a beautiful fairy-tale setting and the Buda castle is yet another stunning piece of architecture that also has the option of wine tasting in the cellars.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is known for its beauty, however, there is much more this City has to offer.

Prague is perfect for a cheap location for a short break, it’s filled with multiple attractions within the city and has a variety of bars & clubs to choose from for all the night owls out there.

Firstly, the Old Town Square is filled with unique architecture, this is due to barely being touched since the 10th Century. There are plenty of sights to see, various street performers ranging from artists, musicians and dancers.

Within the city, you can choose to stroll across the Charles Bridge, visit Josefov which is the Jewish Quarter or visit the Prague Castle. The city bursts with creativity and art, it’s the perfect city break jam-packed with culture.

Anna Palt, Cohort 32, Junior Marketing Assistant at Manchester Gin


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