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Freelance Digital Marketing Opportunity - Clint Boon

Clint Boon is the Inspiral Carpets’ keyboard player/vocalist/songwriter who, since 2004, has become a permanent fixture on the airwaves of Manchester. He has worked as a radio presenter for several Manchester based radio stations, 96.2 The Revolution, XFM Manchester, Radio X, BBC Radio Manchester and XS Manchester. He has presented the drive time show on XS for the last 3 years.

For the last 25 years, Clint has also carved out a successful career as one of the UK’s most sought-after club DJs. His weekly Saturday night at Manchester’s South Nightclub is now in its nineteenth year, the longest running weekly club night residency in the city. He also DJs around the UK and internationally.

Since 1986, Clint’s work with the Inspiral Carpets has taken him around the world many times and resulted in many hit singles and five highly acclaimed studio albums. The band are seen as one of the definitive ‘Madchester’ bands alongside Happy Mondays, James and The Stone Roses.

Clint has been instrumental in helping some of our most important bands achieve their success. He recorded Elbow’s first ever demo in his loft studio in Rochdale. He helped Gary Mounfield (Mani) become The Stone Roses bass player. He took Noel Gallagher around the world as a roadie for the Inspirals and introduced him to the music industry. In the late 90s he recorded two albums under the name ‘The Clint Boon Experience’ which featured vocals by an unknown opera singer from Fleetwood named Alfie Boe.

In recent years, Clint has hosted 3 successful podcasts. His first ‘Storytime With Boon’ won the bronze award for ‘podcast of the year’ at the ARIA awards in 2016, his first year as a podcaster. Since then, he launched ‘Set2go’ a podcast dedicated to upcoming, unsigned bands and, more recently ‘Humans of XS Manchester’, a podcast which looks at the spirit of the city. Guests have included Liam Gallagher, Dr Helen Pankhurst, Rowetta, Johnny Marr, Maxine Peake and many others.

In March 2020, Clint realised he was about to lose the biggest part of his income. As a club, events & festival DJ, he saw the next 15 months of bookings and residencies cancelled. Fortunately, he still has his drive time show on XS Manchester, so all wasn’t lost!

He set about creating other income streams to make up for the lost income.

Clint is looking for someone to help with Digital Marketing to grow and maintain an online presence with his followers on different social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. He currently has a Shopify for his online ‘print to demand’ store that is selling ‘Boon Army’ products such as t-shirts, mugs, metal signs and baby wear. Alongside this, he also has an Etsy www.boonarmy.comshop where he sells hand-made ‘cow art’, based on a 30-year-old cow logo he designed for his band.

Beatstream ( ) is a live music streaming app which Clint has been helping develop for the last 5 years. Being a partner in Beatstream meant that from week one of the very first lockdown (March 2020), he could broadcast a live request show from his home studio to a community of hundreds of people every Friday night. ‘Disco Rescue’ is still going strong 48 weeks later!

Clint’s main priority at the moment is his Patreon account This was created as a way of getting back into making new music and sharing it with a community who pay a monthly subscription to get his music (and other content) before anyone else in the world.

Clint is looking for a freelance or part-time person to help fill this position. If interested please get in touch with Georgia:


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