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Polite Reminder: you are stronger than your problems

Me on my first walk of the year: 1st January 2021

How manifesting can bring positivity into your life This subject I feel is a big debate, you will always get people that disagree and call it nonsense. However, I believe experiencing manifesting makes it more real. Personally, I have only started to manifest in the last year. Covid had a really big effect on me like most people. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks; both of these were very hard to control in the height of the pandemic. The big things that helped me through what was going on included, going on long walks to clear my mind, reading positive books and following positive social media accounts. What is manifesting may you ask? The definition of manifestation is to make it happen. To manifest something means to visualise your desire and harness the power of your imagination to make it a reality. In short, manifesting means making dreams come true. The law of attraction makes the process of manifestation simpler with easy-to-follow steps. Ask, believe, and receive – these are the basic principles of manifesting something or someone. Many of you might have heard the term, the law of attraction. What does this mean? If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve, you will find a way to achieve them through your actions. I used the law of attraction method myself, this year unfortunately in May my job role was made redundant, and to make it worse, a week before my birthday, it felt like a right kick in the teeth. However, that day something changed for me. I spent the next day feeling sorry for myself, then I pulled myself together. We had beautiful weather, perfect for reading. I started to read one particular book and things genuinely did change. I believe I changed my attitude and outlook on life and this book helped me see life much clearer. Within 2 weeks of being unemployed, I got three job offers. Moral of the story a positive attitude and mindset leads to bigger rewards. It can be so easy to convince yourself you are in a negative mood, right? We have all been there, blaming alarms for not going off, not finding your car keys, forgetting your lunch. We have all experienced this, getting into work and claiming it’s going to be a bad day. That negativity just follows you around all day. It isn’t going to go away because you are creating half of it. How to use the law of attraction? It’s simple, try to have a more positive outlook on life. I realise this is much harder than it seems. It’s such a killer when things go wrong, and people say don’t be a

negative Nancy. I have learnt to make the best out of a situation. Whether that is laughing or crying, we are strong human beings and we can make it through most things.

My top tips for manifesting a positive life:

• Figuring out what you want from life

This isn’t easy. When I was made redundant, I was so lost, I had to reassess my life and goals. I was so worried about going backwards instead of focusing on my future. I sat and wrote what I wanted from my life and the goals I wanted to achieve. I told my parents to give me six weeks to find a job in my profession and if I had no luck, I would get a stand-in job.

I recognise this isn’t for everyone, even making notes on your phone can help. Just try to establish the direction you want to go in. This will help you set goals but make sure they are realistic and achievable.

• Reading

Reading saved me; this author Vex King is amazing! I was convinced this would be a good read, after reading the reviews. This year he won Personality of the Year.

2021/09/10/ks-awards-2021-the-full-results/. I would say I was vulnerable at the time but everything he was saying felt so relatable. I finished this book and the next day I got an interview for my current role. Some might say it was fate, some might say it’s rubbish and that’s just a coincidence. All I am sure of is I worked extremely hard throughout my interview process. I will be forever grateful for my company believing in me when I was so low. I tried to not show this, one question my current manager asked me was, what will you do if we don’t give you this role. To this I responded, I will keep going and try to gain as much experience as possible. We must make the best out of a bad situation.

• Crystals

Crystals worked for me. With my anxiety, I was recommended amethyst, perfect for help calming in uncomfortable situations. Again, this will have a mixed opinion. Whether you believe this is in the brain or crystals work - there is no denying how pretty they look!

• Believing in yourself

My last bit of advice is to believe in yourself. I am the worst at floating my boat may I add, I am forever working on this. If you don’t believe you are great, how can anyone else believe you? Fake

it to you make it. 😉 Surround yourself with good people, the main thing is becoming at peace with yourself.

Manifesting is for everyone; it doesn’t matter what your age is or nationality, or even beliefs or gender. A positive person has the purest of hearts. Don't be afraid to admit you're struggling. It’s ok if today wasn’t your day, tomorrow is a new day.

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Annah Kelly, cohort 32, Junior Content producer at The Brand Machine Group.


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