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Realising your worth through tough times

Emotions and your overall mental health are sometimes a hard thing to get a grasp of and understand. When the people closest to you hurt you, life feels unfixable. When a family member breaks your trust and your love for them, life feels irredeemable. When your parent is supposed to be your protector, one of the people who would never leave you, never hurt you and most of all, never lie, and she turns out to be someone you had never met, hidden behind a false projection, your stable mentality, as well as all that have been affected, is no longer existent. The odd lie turned into her way of living, hidden behind a picture of the fantasy she wishes life to be, as if living in a soap opera or a drama film. Not only is her life fake but being surrounded by that and fully immersed in it, everything as you knew, is gone in an instant. Unimaginable. All the pain you experienced, for nothing, only for her gain.

Unexplainably, when your trust is broken once, you will always have that voice in the back of your mind telling you not to trust again, to be wary. When life as you know it is struck down, and everything is the opposite of what you thought you were born into, your mindset feels unexplainable.

Fortunately, company of the ones I hold closest to me brought me out of a lonelier place, living life to the fullest and changing my mindset to never take anything for granted, is what made me who I am now. Appreciating the finer things in life, and the ones you may sometimes take for granted, is what you come realise, deserves to have your full attention and as a result makes your life better than imaginable.

Sometimes a change and realisation benefit us all in ways unimagined. Realising your worth, who you are and the power you hold, is what holds you high. Mental health is a serious thing that not everyone takes seriously. Not everyone or anyone knows what you are dealing with, they do not know what is behind closed doors and they do not live your life and will never be in your shoes. If you are having a bad day and not feeling yourself, never keep it in, explain your circumstances to someone you trust or a professional, because life can be tough, and we all need to fight to get through it.


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