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A day in the life: social media apprentice turned managing director

Hi, I’m Chloe, a social media and digital marketing apprentice who was recently promoted to managing director of PR Agency One. You can save the congratulations, as it was only for half a day.

We decided for National Apprenticeship Week, we’d shed light on the occasion and celebrate the very reason why I work at such an amazing agency.

This week is all about highlighting the positive impact apprenticeships have, not only on the individual, but on the companies involved and the economy.

So, what better way to celebrate, than a good old job swap between myself and our managing director, turned temporary social media apprentice, James Crawford.

From just a half a day in the shoes of James Crawford, I’ve learnt that it can be easy to take for granted the work your co-workers and your bosses do. And because of that, I was nowhere near as prepared for the time spent being MD, as I thought.

As MD, I had very important matters to attend to. I got to experience the wonders of conducting several brainstorms, all whilst winning the hearts of my employees! Yes, if you look closely, there’s an invisible crown on my head somewhere.

The Juice Academy | National Apprenticeship Week | Job Swap

I also did my rounds of client coverage checks throughout our b2b and b2c teams, chasing invoices (never again) and also keeping an eye on the new business pipeline.

And yes, the job swap also meant I had to give the ever-growing awards department a polish (this is a permanent fixture on an MD job list apparently).

All in all, the day was a success. So, James, keep your job close, because I’m coming for you.


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