Starting an Apprenticeship From Home

Alex Knowlson, Cohort 28

Before I started my Juice Academy journey, I had worked for two jobs in the retail industry

dealing with customers face-to-face. The first job was as an assistant in a sweet shop for a

close family friend, and the second was at my local McDonalds whilst I worked towards my

A-Levels. After a year of deciding my next path, I fell upon the Juice Academy.

As I now begin my apprenticeship at CheckdMedia, it is strange to find that I will be working

from home until at least November as they prepare the new office workspace. Some would

say it is a dream not having that morning commute and having that extra-long lie in, however

for me, working from home has presented me with some new unexpected challenges both

physically and mentally.

In terms of my physical challenges, the lack of movement has been the biggest issue. My

morning commute was always a chance for me to get my head into the right mindset, as well

as exercising and keeping healthy. It would sound bizarre, but walking for 15 minutes before