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Website Creation Tips

Thinking about creating a website but don't know where to start? Follow this quick and easy beginners guide to get yours up and running:

Creating a website can be daunting but do not fear I am here!

But first, the basics...

Put simply a website is a collection of web pages. You can create one for a business, blogging, providing services and the list goes on..

The benefits:

- You have an online presence 24/7 - Easy way to exchange information between buyers and sellers

- Reduces costs - Allows for growth

Ok, so now you know the benefits and want to get started Squarespace is for those who want a professional looking website, its quick and easy and you will receive 80% results for 20% effort.

How to build a website on Squarespace:

1)Create an account 2)click create website 3)Select what your site will be about 4)Select your top goals 5)Select where you are in the process 6)Choose your template 7)Decide what pages you want on your website: a homepage? shop page?blog page?about page? contact page? refunds and deliveries page? 8)Select 'edit' in the top left to customize and create your website!

Setting up 1st step- setting up items/products 1A)Click the commerce tab and choose your monthly package (commerce is probably best for beginners) 1B)Click the 'shop page' 1C)Click 'manage items in store' 1D) Click '+' icon 1E) Select what type of product it is (physical,digital etc) 2nd step - check inventory 2A) Click 'commerce' 2B) Fill stock in for each individual product 3rd step- Setting up payments 3A)Click Payments 3B) Connect with Stripe (or whatever suits you best). Stripe allows you to accept and send payouts on your websites and marketplaces. It allows you to create invoices, create visual cards, get financing and manage business spends etc.

Things to consider when creating your website:

Price- how much can you afford to spend per month on your website

Features- What features are important to you? for example, would you like a slideshow? Professional look or simple look? A quiz for your customers when they use your website?

And that brings us to the end I hope you have enjoyed reading and feel confident enough to create your own website!

So go... what are you waiting for? go get started!

Saariyah Malik, Cohort 39, Content Creator Apprentice at Igniyte


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