Welcome Cohort 31

It has been a very busy few months here at The Juice Academy. After the recruitment of Cohort 30 at the beginning of the year, it was not long before we started sifting through many talented applications to find our apprentices of Cohort 31. After a tough process of sending in application forms and a video CV, we would now like to welcome and introduce to you, Cohort 31.

Meet them below!

Callum Richards


What emoji best describes you and why?

“I would say the flamingo emoji best describes me. Colourful and bright representing my confidence. One foot firmly planted on the floor with the other always ready to move forward. It also tends to be used in a playful, happy way and I always aim to bring an enjoyment to my day and focus on the positive side of life.”

Charlotte Taylor

Havas Lynx

Describe yourself in a Tweet

“Creative? in need of a new project? in need of sunshine? if you said yes to all three you should learn from my mistake and do something productive #helloseasononeoffriends

Chelsea Royle

Housing Units

What emoji best describes you and why?

“The emoji that best describes my personality is the starry-eyed emoji. This emoji demonstrates my fascination and wonder, especially towards new opportunities. It also describes how fun and bubbly I am around others, as I have been told I give off a positive energy. I always prefer to view the brighter side of situations, and many have described me as a 'glass half full' individual. I believe that this view on a situation keeps me motivated and is the driving force behind my work ethic

Connor Beasley

Equal Talent

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Me: "Okay, this is it now. New Year, New me! I need to start saving my money!"

-An hour later-

My bank account: "Starbucks -£5"

Danielle Jones

Havas Lynx

What emoji best describes you and why?

“I would have to choose the emoji with the glasses and goofy smile because I am often intrigued by how things work, and therefore I self-initiate my own learning and development. It also represents my relatable, easy going and light-hearted nature.”

Evan Merner

Forever Manchester

Describe yourself in a Tweet

“Art-history obsessed girl, just tryin' to find a job in a COVID obsessed world. Also guys, I started my 50th lockdown craft #supportsmallbusinesses

Fadeke Ifebajo

Carousel PR

What emoji best describes you and why?

“The raised eyebrow emoji. Because I am always questioning everything.”

Hannah Barrett-Wilson

Place Informatics

Describe yourself in a Tweet

“Enthusiastic aspiring digital marketer – Thrives in a creative and fast paced environment with a passion for #travel, #nature, #gaming and #fashion.”

Hannah Whitehead


What emoji best describes you and why?

“Well, this is quite tough decision for me as I feel that I have many different aspects to my personality so it's hard to sum everything up in one. However, I am always drawn to the rainbow emoji. In a way, I think this does describe me as there are many different colours in a rainbow, just like there are many different quirks about me. Also, I am always happy when the sun comes out! :-)”

Jamie Hall