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Welcome Cohort 35

Wow we can’t quite believe it but we’ve now reached Cohort 35! After the usual tough process of vetting many talented applications and video CV’s, and the best candidates making their way to interviews with the employers, we finally introduced Cohort 35 into The Academy at the end of April. The shiny new apprentices have settled in nicely to their workplaces, so now we can’t wait to introduce you to them all.

Drum roll please… 🥁 🥁 🥁

Kieron Vanderkamp

What emoji would you be and why?

🐒 I’m probably the monkey emoji; I eat way too many bananas and can’t resist climbing things - I blame doing gymnastics as a kid.

Hugo Perry

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I am an upbeat friendly lad who is hardworking and intelligent and is willing to push myself to the maximum to succeed in anything I put my mind to. I am resilient but also understanding and always up to take on a challenge #motivated.

Maisie Page

What emoji would you be and why?

☀️ because I’ll always do my best to brighten people’s day, and if anyone ever needs help I'm always there, also wherever I go I always bring the entertainment I’m always making people laugh and like when the sun comes out it brings everyone together as everyone is always out.

Brendan Platt

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Faster moving than TikTok, more responsive than team @KFC & a better storyteller than your favourite youtuber!

Megan Roberts

What emoji would you be and why?

🏏 I really enjoy watching and playing cricket! I love the social, team mate atmosphere that it brings and requires!

Katie McDonnell

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Not to brag but I'm quite funny

Freya Warrington

What emoji would you be and why?

☺️ I would say I'm one of the smiley faces as I am always willing to help, happy to support and work as a team and always try and light up the room.

Guy Yearn

What emoji would you be and why?

⚽️ the football because I have played football since I was 4 and I have never fallen out of love with the sport no matter how challenging it can get.

Amy Jones

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Animation Graduate and Artworker based in Manchester. Have a passion for making art move and looking to throw myself into a creative marketing career!

Lucy Beaumont

What emoji best describes you?

😊 The emoji that best describes me is the sweet face emoji with the bigger smile and cheeks! This is because I am described by my close friends and others as being friendly and always smiling whatever the situation and always looking forward with high hopes :)

Olivia James

What emoji would you be and why?

If I was an emoji I’d be the blue car 🚙 since I have a huge passion for motoring and I’m absolutely obsessed!

Ben Gregory

Describe yourself in a Tweet

You know the Sahara Desert? Well, my humour's drier than that, I'm a little of the beaten track, but I love what I do, creating. My hobbies are who I am, and I'm passionate about them, maybe even a little too much, that just drives me to be better.

Jessica Barton

What emoji would you be and why?

I would say the star emoji ⭐ Not always will I be the brightest in the sky. I may have bad days. But there will be days where I shine, showing my bright potential! Only you can see it for yourself before others do.

Nathan Walton

Welcoming, non-judgemental and confident. I am open to most any conversation as I have a wide variety of interests, we may have more in common than you think. I'm a levelheaded individual, I tend to think before I act making me a good listener and focused worker.

Sophie Foster

The big bowl of pasta emoji 🍝 it speaks for itself really...pasta is the best food out there and I challenge anyone to change my mind. I know it doesn't describe my personality but if you ever wonder what I am thinking about it's always pasta.

Olivia Goodwin

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Creative soul who loves to laugh. Dedicated and passionate, doesn't shy away from new challenges. #FriendlyButFierce

We’d like to wish Cohort 35 all the best in their apprenticeship journeys, we can’t wait to see what they all achieve over the next 12 months!


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