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Welcome Cohort 36

Cohort 36, the first intake of candidates to go through the in-person 'Boot Camp' recruitment day since before the pandemic! After an intense day of interactive tasks, shortlisting and interviews, we finally formed our 36th Cohort. We are so proud of everyone who took part in the busy day and congratulate the apprentices who successfully gained a place on the course.

Everyone has now settled into their workplaces and it's the perfect time to introduce you to them.

Meet Cohort 36 below:

Nabilah Islam

What emoji best describes you and why?

I think the game controller emoji describes me best 🎮, in a nutshell I love gaming but honestly this got me into marketing as well, I used to be a 3D Modeller and a UX designer for games during college. Through this I found out my passion for graphic designing and loved the freedom to think creativity!

Yinka Olakanmi

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"A cat lover that loves to explore"

Amy Cummings

What emoji best describes you and why?

"The laughing emoji 😂 as I have a vibrant sense of humour and love to laugh and make other people laugh!"

Nathaniel Wedderburn-Graham

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"I am a fun, creative individual who can adapt to their environment. I love collaborating with teammates or working by myself to truly perfect a project. I'm willing to learn whatever I need in order to fit into the company however I can. Finally, I love to tell stories"

William Rann

What emoji best describes you and why?

"The emoji with stars for eyes 🤩 as I have big ambitions for myself in all of life's aspects, particularly career-wise, as I hope to one day become established as a senior figure within a growing business with sustainable mission aims that are equally ambitious"

Isobel Regan

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Kind, sweet and caring ... but don't let that fool you she's motivated, clever and ready to win"

Kelly Wong

What emoji best describes you and why?

"The soft smile emoji where the eyes are slightly looking down ☺️. This emoji best describes me as it feels like the face listens and observes first before taking action, making sure to acknowledge information before doing anything impulsive"

Daniel Harper

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"I am a huge football fan who has the unfortunate task of supporting Everton FC. I love sports in general, from snooker to horse racing and pretty much everything in between. I'm also an avid football shirt collector"

Hannah Brown

What emoji would you be and why?

"I would say that the emoji with a smiley face and the small tongue sticking out 😋 describes me best. I think this as I am a friendly, approachable person who is always positive. It also shows a fun side to me, as I am always down to have fun and make others laugh"

Tahira Poswal

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Passionate about special needs advocacy. Volunteer and rock climbing enthusiast in my free time. Believer of life being a reflection of the chances we take. #differentnotless"

Shannon O'Reilly

What emoji best describes you and why?

"One of my most used emojis that perfectly describes me is the one where the face is rotated, eyes different sizes and tongue sticking out 🤪. I am a very bubbly and outgoing person, constantly pumped up and ready to go!"

Jade Nixon

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"A highly-spirited individual with a positive outlook on life. Takes great delight working in a team environment, demonstrating a commitment to honesty, integrity, and respect. Appreciates opportunities to express creativity and being innovative. An outside the box problem solver"

Thomas Standish

What emoji best describes you and why?

"The emoji that I have decided describes me best is the graph with the rising trend 📈

I have chosen this emoji because I believe I am:

  • Reliable

  • Aware of new trends

  • Looking to improve, hardworking

  • A positive influence on others"

Abdulkarim Kitimana

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"There is always a way"

Max Barlow

What emoji best describes you and why?

"The laughing emoji 😂 I would say this emoji best describes me because I am always trying to find the fun and positive side of everything I am involved in. Also through my positive attitude I am able to push myself and others to reach their goals"

Amy Pickup

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"The dog emoji 🐶 Specifically a golden retriever due to my boundless energy and communicative skills. They are also known for being very instinctive dogs and I know I'm not short of confidence in my decisions"

It has been great meeting everyone in Cohort 36 for their first few sessions in the academy and we can't wait to see all the amazing things they get up to during their apprenticeship journeys.


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