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Welcome Cohort 38

Are you ready to meet the future of content creation? It's time to welcome the 38th Cohort of The Juice Academy! With the New Year came the excitement and anticipation of a new group of apprentices embarking on their journey to become content creators in the digital industry.

After a rigorous recruitment process, including a Boot Camp day filled with intense presentations and interviews, we are thrilled to announce that our 38th cohort is officially in the game. They braved the pressure and proved their passion for content creation, impressing the employers and securing their places in the program.

So, let's give a warm welcome to our newest cohort of apprentices. Get ready, as we introduce you to the amazing individuals of Cohort 38!

Joseph McGreavey

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"A Young Adult with a passion for Pop Culture and the process that goes into creating it, alongside a fascination with the workings of technology, both of which shaping my passion to pursue a career in Digital Marketing and Design, along with Strong Ideals and a Stronger Curiosity"

Charlie Rimmer

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Aspiring digital marketer with a creative mindset and years of management training, Adobe CC proficient and looking for a new challenge."

Tolu Madariola

What emoji would you be and why?

😁 "Excited emoji

I love everything to do with social media so I'm always excited to get stuck in. Taking content and editing videos is incorporated into my life whether it be for my own personal social media (most of the time) or it be for events company I work with (innasanctum)."

Sophie Panton

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"I am a happy, hardworking and an ambitions person. I pride myself in my communicating and problem solving skills. I enjoy the fulfilment that completing a task creates and love pushing my creative boundaries to there limits. I work well under pressure and I’m very passionate about design and being creative it’s something I’ve known I’ve wanted to explore since I chose Art and Design at High School"

Olivia Greaves

What emoji would you be and why?

🪞"The Mirror emoji – Because I see it as a reminder to, metaphorically, take a step back and look at your reflection. I believe it is highly important to reflect on what you could have done better. Self-reflection is essential and allows you to recognise your own potential whilst highlighting areas for improvement."

Yzabella Heyes

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"I am a young, creative and passionate individual excited about my future and wanting to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can! I am very curious about the world and how it is developing with digital aspects becoming more and more powerful everyday. I am very passionate about living life to the fullest and having as many experiences as possible and want a career that will aid this."

Naomi Dykins

What emoji would you be and why?

🤩 "Smiling face with stars as eyes – I have stars in my eyes! Despite what the idiom usually signifies – blinded by hope, with failure as the only outcome – I will always be excited and hopeful of the future and translate this into my work, so I can produce my best every time. Any task or project I am a part of will always come with a positive attitude. Any hiccups along the way are there to create new learning experiences and spur me closer to success – no matter the situation!"

Jodie Emery

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"If you don't have a power playlist/song.... I'll make you a playlist on Youtube, you can use my Premium if you want :)"

Kimberley Rylance

What emoji would you be and why?

🐺"So, I would have to say the little grey wolf emoji as for a while I've been a lone wolf searching for a career path and an ambition for myself. It has been a struggle doing this all on my own and deciding to not go to university was a risky decision, but I believe that my drive and motivation will eventually direct me to a wolf pack where I can blossom in to the world of social media and digital marketing."

James Brown

What emoji would you be and why?

😎 "The emoji with the sunglasses best describes me as I am a calm and relaxed person but I am also outgoing and ready for what comes my way."

Ethan Mason

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"A confident creative young lad who's ready for a challenge"

Ethan Winter

What emoji would you be and why?

😏🤓"I would say that both the "smirking face emoji" and the "nerd face emoji". I would say this as I am one to smirk and I can be one to be quite vain and proud from time to time depending on the social situation I am in, but I would definitely say the nerd emoji best describes my personality as I am very nerdy as one would say with many of my hobbies and interests such as video games, Tv and film, art and design do make me seem nerdy especially with all my knowledge that I have stored in my brain about my hobbies."

Jack Bellamy

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Creative, hardworking, giant mentality and pure passion for the field of Media."

Michael Duckworth

What emoji would you be and why?

🎃 The pumpkin as I’m a bit Halloween obsessed

The journey has just begun for our 38th Cohort of incredible apprentices, and we couldn't be more excited to see where it takes them!

As they embark on this new chapter in their careers, we have no doubt that they will inspire us all with their creativity, dedication, and drive. So, let's welcome our newest cohort of content creators and celebrate all the amazing things they will accomplish in the coming months and years.

Here's to a bright future for Cohort 38, and to all the incredible things they will achieve on their apprenticeship journeys and in the workplace.


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