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Why should I do an Apprenticeship?

What are your future goals?

I started at The Juice Academy after feeling a bit lost, career-wise for about four months. I was working in TV as a Floor Runner when one of my jobs finished, I didn't want to carry on in that field, but I still wanted to be creative! This is when I found The Juice Academy and some wonderful jobs that are partnered with them.

I had never seen myself as a Junior Content Producer, I didn't even know what is was! I didn't have an understanding of SEO, how to analyse KPI's and that social media was needed in the education sector!

I am excited to learn more as I carry on in a new career path, this job is great because I can be creative, whilst also learning on the job.

Do you have relevant experience?

From having limited knowledge on the business side of being a Junior Content Producer, having small class sizes, and learning from colleagues at Tangerine, really help you understand the ins and outs of social media.

I work at Altrincham Preparatory School and I manage their social media accounts, whilst being the school's photographer alongside.

I love working here as my colleagues have been second to none. My manager, who has fantastic experience working for the BBC, is eager for me to learn more about how to nurture and grow the social accounts. At work, in our department, it's just the two of us, she looks after the marketing side of things and I look after the socials!

My job is 9-5 and I get the freedom of not having to sit down at my desk all day. I get to float around the three buildings of APS and photograph the boy's school life. Then I edit, schedule and get the photos uploaded. I use my freshly learned knowledge to analyse the insights. This is great fun as I get to interact with boys aged 3-11 and seeing them progress in lessons is gratifying.

Do you want to learn on the job?

I thought I was too old to start as an apprentice, but in my cohort, there are people aged from 17-28! Don't be embarrassed about wanting to change careers or starting when you're a little older, do what's best for you.

Sometimes, when I'm at work, I forget I am an apprentice because I have felt so welcome here right from the beginning. Learning new things can lead to new opportunities in the future, whether it's Social Media Manager or SEO Executive. I am looking forward to what the future will bring, all thanks to The Juice Academy.

Sophie Foster, Cohort 35, Junior Content Producer Apprentice at Altrincham Preparatory School


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