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How a niche business can thrive through social media

I’ve had a fantastic time at Indespension so far, and have learnt an incredible amount about social media within niche markets. I have learnt how a variety of digital platforms can be used to target and engage with very specific audiences, and that social media isn’t just for consumer brands.

Indespension is a national trailer company, and is relatively new to social media. To be recognised within the digital arena is challenging, but the marketing team has devised some fantastic ideas to make sure the company engages with its niche audience and stands out from the competition.

The reason that the audience is ‘niche’ is because trailers are only used by specific audiences. It rules out anyone under 17 who are unable to drive, and those who don’t own a towing license. Indespension has overcome this by implementing a campaign called ‘Get Out There’, aimed at people of all ages and interests, influencing them to consider doing more outdoor activities.

As part of the campaign, I create content through blogs and infographics on sports and other outdoor activities – making sure that Indespension products are referenced throughout. For example, for cycling, Indespension offers roof racks and cycle carriers; for sailing, it sells boat trailers of all sizes.

I also create content on a daily basis for Indespension’s other social accounts on Facebook and Twitter – this includes copy, videos and images around the warehouses and depots.

I have learned that social media isn’t about the hard sell – and using it every day has taught me that it’s better to build a relationship with your followers, rather than pushing for sales every day. Sometimes an image can speak a thousand words – which is particularly beneficial for the Twitter word count – and relating to your audience makes them more interested in what you have to say.

The more engagement and shares a company achieves online makes it easier for it to grow its social community, which improves levels of trust from prospective customers. It may be harder for a niche company to do this – due to the smaller, more targeted pool of consumers – but creative, effective content is key to be seen as a market leader and ahead of the competition.

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