The Evolution of Facebook

February 4th 2004 was a day that changed the world and the way we communicate. What is now the largest social networking site was created…Facebook.

Back then, people laughed at the thought of a new challenger to the Goliaths of social media: Myspace and Bebo. Originally created for Harvard University students and for educational purposes only, its popularity soon rocketed sky high. Fast forward two years and creator Mark Zuckerberg rejected an offer from both Google and Yahoo for a rumoured $2bn.

By mid-2006 to early 2007 the Guardian reported that Facebook had 30 million users, making it the largest social channel with an educational focus - however this number was still dwarfed by Myspace’s reported 100 million users.

That same year, Facebook made the decision to transform from an educational network to a social media network which encouraged its user base to grow exponentially, and saw the decline of MySpace and its millions.