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Apprenticeships: From GCSE's to the bright lights of TV

Last week (Monday 16th May) marked the launch of a very exciting campaign – Get In Go Far, of which I was privileged to be a part of!

#GetInGoFar is aimed at inspiring the next generation of young apprentices, showing them that an apprenticeship is just as effective as attending college or university. From an apprenticeship, you learn new skills, get paid and can even get a degree – what’s not to like?!

It all started 4 months ago with a single email. Little did I know that this email would lead to me being on national TV, thousands of billboards across the UK and on every social network you could think of!

I had a film crew follow every aspect of my life, multiple photo shoots and even got to stay in a Hilton or two – it was all pretty cool! If you ever get the chance to star in a national campaign, go for it!

The opportunities that have arisen from taking part in the campaign have been endless, from boosting my confidence to learning tonnes of new skills. I’ve had to learn how to manage my time much more efficiently, respond to emails from government officials (which is pretty scary for a 17 year old!) and everything else in-between. Not only have I learnt new things, I’ve met some amazing people I’ll be friends with for life!

Since launch date, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to numerous events to talk about the campaign and my job role here at Ph. as a social media apprentice. Talking of which, my job role is very varied – one day I’ll be managing a high profile Twitter account for one of our clients, the next I’ll be writing a blog for a totally different client! This campaign will hopefully shine a light on the industry I work in, and in fact, prove it is a “proper” job and we don’t just get paid to tweet all day (which many people think we do)!

Ph. and my colleagues have been nothing but supportive – it’s not every day you ask if it’s okay for a film crew to come in and film everything I do! The only hard part was getting the camera shy Pheeps to get on board – especially Rob!

So now the campaign is live – go check it out! Visit to see what amazing opportunities you could have if you decide to start an apprenticeship—you may just be surprised! Don’t forget to look out for me and the other apprentices on TV too, we even have our own funky ad!

If you have any questions about social media, digital marketing or apprenticeships in general, give me a tweet @stefanprice98 and I’d be happy to answer them for you!

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