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Four Travel Brands Killing it on Social Media

Adam Crowther | The Juice Academy | Social Media Apprentice

Travel and social media is a match made in marketing heaven. With millions of tweets a month, we just love to talk about our holidays, from poolside hotdog legs, to travel tips. Although many brands get it wrong time and time again, I wanted to inflate the ego of those travel companies who are doing it well.

Contiki are great at really understanding who its target market is. Let’s test it, state the target audience for the following: the use of GoPro to show what skydiving would be like in New Zealand, blogs about niche locations “You MUST visit” and the presence on a generation favourite – Snapchat. You guessed it; its target audience is millennials that want to travel and experience the world and this is reflected so well in Contiki’s content.

The great thing about Airbnb is the images it uses – they’re always stunning, offer a different view of a destination and most importantly, user generated. Sure, beach images are great but that’s not what Airbnb customers are looking for and they understand this. Just from scrolling through its social media, you get an instant understanding who the audience is; city breakers. As a result, you’ll be hard pressed to find an image of a sunny beach in Spain - just stories and images that invoke a frightful amount of city wanderlust.

Everyone knows that mums LOVE Facebook and is so aware of this when it comes to its social media campaigns. We all know somebody’s mum (if not our own) on Facebook that loves to share inspirational Minion quotes, dogs and talk about how she’d love nothing more than to be sunning it up somewhere all inclusive. Well, what onthebeach has done is create a page that is heaven for ladies like this and you can probably guess who their first thought is when they think ‘holiday’.

What do you get if you cross Contiki with Airbnb? What Booking does best is use UGC (User Generated Content), or at least something that gives the impression of this. On top of this it makes the most of current topics; imagine you’re watching the Olympics and the camera pans across Copacabana beach - you lust for it. Then you go on Facebook to see someone’s GoPro footage of their time in Rio, what’s going to stop you from booking?

You may have noticed a little theme here – all four brands have an amazing understanding of its audience and play to this. Want to slay on social media? Know your audience – simple, right?

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