3 Reasons Video Content is a Must in Your Social Strategy

We now live in a world where life is documented through a Snapchat lense. Where live events can’t be missed - Facebook Live has got us covered. Even influencers and bloggers are now choosing video content over writing.

7 out 10 millennial smartphone users are ‘Snapchatters’ but aside from this, we’re now exposed to a new generation – generation C. Also known as the ‘YouTube generation.’

According to Google, 80% of the Gen C audience watch YouTube via their smartphones and this has increased by 74% year-on-year.But these two audience groups aren’t the only reason why video should be incorporated into your Social Media content strategy.

Decision Making Process

It’s reported that product based videos influence 90% of users when it comes to making a buying decision. If an audience can physically see a product being used or tested, this is more likely to connect with them and enable their trust. Even more so if the product is being used or tested by an online influencer or vlogger.

Emotional Connection

The aim of a piece of content is to make your audience feel something. It’s to get them talking and sharing. Video is the easiest way to evoke emotion and really connect with an audience. Emotion has always played a huge part in B2C and B2B marketing, but through the use of video, as opposed to still images, users are exp