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Dan Weller - My Juice Academy Story

I would never have dreamed whilst retweeting @WeirdHorse a few months ago that I’d be sitting opposite him months later, writing a blog post, gorging on homemade cakes and drinking an unlimited supply of Vitamin Water (but that’s just PR for you!)

Social media is something I’ve grown up with. It’s still unbelievable to think that it’s my job, but it’s also the reason why my company’s Managing Director, Sandy Lindsay, employed me.

She said: “Dan and his fellow apprentices are all bright young things, with a natural instinct for social media. They are the social media generation, and The Juice Academy is designed to make this knowledge work in the commercial environment.”

And it’s not only the professionals that’ll support you.

We all like a bit of parental pride, even if we don’t openly admit it.

This is what my parents had to say: “We’re really happy that Dan has earned this opportunity with The Juice Academy. We feel that ‘on-the-job’ training is most beneficial as it offers learning in real time, not just from a text book. Companies should be encouraged to promote this type of training scheme as an alternative to further education like colleges or universities.” I’ve never been overly keen on the thought of university or further education.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so stuck on one specific subject that I’ve wanted to study it for three or more years. The great thing about The Juice Academy is that every day is different. I learn new skills every day so it’s great to find my passion, but I also get access to a broader range of subject knowledge.

I’m also getting a chance to work, get paid and grow up whilst learning. I can still live the sought after ‘student life’ if I wish, but I also get the chance to live on my own terms (plus I don’t have the pressure of exams!)

But most importantly of all, I get the practical experience that most university courses may miss out. I’m no university professional, but I don’t know how much you can learn about social media from a lecture!

In the space of a month, The Juice Academy has changed my life for the better. The team has helped me move from the south to the amazing city of Manchester, given me professional advice and the confidence and pride to try my hand at things I would have never thought were possible for me before.

I’d be a fool to miss this opportunity and I’m glad I grabbed it with both hands.

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