Is your brain in panic mode about what to do after college?

When it comes towards the end of college life, you’re hit with the daunting choice of what to do next. It’s scary to think about the future but it’s very exciting at the same time.

The brain goes into panic mode! If other people could hear it, it would sound a bit like this:

“Should I go to University? What about the University experience? It’s supposed to be the best time of your life. What about the financial side to it?”

“Should I take a gap year? Maybe give myself time to think and do something productive with myself.”

“Should I do an apprenticeship? I can get straight into work and get paid while I learn and maybe a job at the end of it, but then I won’t get the University experience?”

“Should I dive straight into full time employment? I can get started and get paid good money, and I just want to leave education.”