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The Juice Academy Boot Camp: #VineTask

During our Juice Academy #BootCamp, the apprentice hopefuls were asked to make a Vine video about The Juice Academy in groups, with limited materials - #VineTask.

Each group of social media hopefuls was given a pot of pens, a creative art pack (consisting of glue, glitter, feathers and card), The Juice Academy logo and a phone with the Vine app installed. The rest of the resources would be down to their creativity and ideas, as well as what they could find in Tangerine Towers (the location of Boot Camp).

They were given an hour before they had to all come together to present their creations. This is what they had to show (click the image to begin the Vine):

The first group created this Vine using fruit and a telephone found in Tangerine Towers to spell out Juice. This stop-motion animation Vine really showed the group's creativity and skills to bring ideas to life.

This one's a bit destructive... but all for good reason. Using fruit again, this group threw theirs against The Juice Academy logo, to cover it in - you guessed it, Juice.

This group's creation is another stop-motion animation. Once again going along the fruit and juice route, this Vine shows an orange being blended into juice which then shows The Juice Academy logo - very clever.

The final group's Vine also went for the juice route. Their stop-motion animation shows a cup filling up and the phrase 'You Fulfil the Role' appearing. We particularly love the use of the @TheJuiceAcademy handle in this Vine!

All of the Vine videos that The Juice Academy hopefuls created were really creative and great to watch over and over again. Let this inspire you, tweet us your Vines and tell us what you think is great about @TheJuiceAcademy.

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