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Heading in the Right Direction

Throughout secondary school, and then on through sixth form or college, young people are encouraged to try their very best with the aim of going to university. But is this the best option for everyone?

Going to university can lead to exciting opportunities allowing people to study in subjects they are passionate about while leading a fun life and opening up many doors for future job prospects.

However, pursuing an apprenticeship is an alternative path that can give people the same opportunity, enabling people to study for well respected qualifications whilst also earning and applying their skills into a professional role.

The general perception of apprenticeships is that they cater only for people interested in construction or beauty, but the range of availability has drastically increased over the years. Apprenticeships now offer roles within new and professional businesses for a wider range of skills, including social media.

Choosing between university or apprenticeship is not a question of ‘plan A or plan B’, but simply about what is right for the individual.

While many 18 year old's across the country were packing up their belongings ready to head to university, I was one of the many who instead chose the apprenticeship path, and I’m very glad I did.

While the idea of moving onto higher education for three years and coming out with £27,000 worth of debt doesn’t faze many people, to me it made no sense. In 2012, half of new university graduates didn’t have a full time job and with the UK job market getting progressively worse, I found the best option for me was to get my foot on the career ladder as early as possible.

The Juice Academy, the UK’s first communications industry-led apprenticeship scheme from Tangerine PR, made finding a placement painless and enjoyable! The bootcamp day was both fun and productive, giving me an opportunity to stand out, helping reach the position I’m in now, one of the Tangerine team.

More and more teenagers are discovering the benefits apprenticeships bring and the impact on their career. I’m already a convert after seeing the great way it helped me gain the chance to experience work in a professional role in a very well respected company.

Where do you stand on the ‘university or apprenticeship’ debate?

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