VIP Guest in The Juice Academy

The Juice Academy played host to a ‘Very Important Person’ during yesterday’s workshop.

Steve Kuncewicz, head of IP (intellectual property), media and social media at Bermans has an array of different skills including a specialism in social media and incredible writing skills having written three books. To top this off, he is also the lawyer with the highest following on Twitter (somewhat of a celebrity!).

The workshop started with apprentices being shown a presentation from Tangerine’s founder and Group MD, Sandy Lindsay, on ethics, which led nicely into a group task.

The apprentices were split up into four groups and each had to create their own agency, which was given a list of scenarios. The agencies had to decide which way would be best to deal with the scenarios and present their ideas back to the group and a panel of experts.

While already achieving a list of many different things, Steve can now add ‘guest judge on the panel’ at The Juice Academy after playing a part in choosing the